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Rates and Insurance

Private Pay Rates:

Individuals: $165 per 50 minute session

$250 per 90 minute session*

Couples and Families: $175 per 50 minute session

*90 minute sessions are generally used for EMDR processing and must be scheduled prior to the start of session

Why pay privately for therapy? 

Therapy is an investment in yourself and your mental health. Leaving insurance out of therapy means privacy in your mental health record, freedom from required diagnoses, and no limitations on the duration of therapy.


Through therapy, you can gain skills that will last a lifetime in order to sustain your healing. Please remember that therapy is a time-limited, goal-oriented process, and is not intended to last forever. I am glad to discuss your goals in therapy and ways to ensure finances do not limit your ability to achieve the healing you desire.

If you would like to submit a superbill to your insurance provider for reimbursement of therapy costs, I am happy to provide you with this documentation and assist you in navigating the process. 

As a consumer of mental health services, you have a right to receive an estimate of your expected costs for therapy. More information is available about the Good Faith Estimate.

Please contact me with any questions.

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